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Piano transportation

Piano transportation

the piano as an instrument, different from the relocation of the furniture, not the ordinary handling handling companies can fulfill, Harbin Providence moving services company consolidates branch technical elite brothers piano Department of transportation was established in order to provide you with professional piano moving services, make your move worry-free.

Providence moving company with over 15 years experience in technology and service to our customers, we have the spirit of customer service, customer satisfaction, customer and responsible attitude to enhance staff skills and qualities, posts employees through skills training, relocation services signed the corresponding contract.

service flow:
Telephone counselling appointment   →  -site physical view →   relocation scheme is given, quoting →   signed moving contracts → load → goods → unloading costs

service features:
  Harbin Providence moving services company as a professional moving company, with highly qualified staff, the team clean, guarantees product safety and provide a series of compensation measures.

Prompt service, transport security.