Netherlands team brutally hotels out of the station after the party was forced to move

Cape Town, 7th, Netherlands one of the current South Africa World Cup finalists are surprises, so last night defeated Uruguay after the party is over, they urgently need to consider one important thing is: the next House, how do?

it is interesting, because has not previously expected the team would achieve such excellent results, Netherlands Football Association earlier station with the team--the Hilton Sandton Johannesburg hotel reservation-only until July 5, and accommodation in the hotel then you have been flocking, ready to watch the finals of the passengers booked up all over the world. So even if the Netherlands who will be July 11 at soccer City Stadium on the lead, they had to be hotels "swept aside", forced to choose to move immediately, it clearly cannot be regarded as good news, one team had gained good luck staying at Hilton Sandton has to be terminated, and moved around the entire team takes strength and spirit, nothing less.

eventually, the Netherlands Football Association under the emergency arrangements, they have determined will shift to the Sunnyside Park Hotel, and has been there until the World Cup is over.

according to the FIFA rules, they are only responsible for teams 1 day before the game that night and accommodation arrangements for coordination of the night after the game, other times it takes teams to solve. Clearly, the stunning 2-1 out the free 1/4 final title favourites Brazil, Netherlands who had to adjust plans to stay in Johannesburg last week.