Help them to relocate within 5 days!

Yangcheng evening news reporter Feng Xiaojing, and interns funded Court report: Yang JI split village is under way. This newspaper yesterday reported that villagers in the village of complaints left behind split Windows and doors leading to mess a lot yesterday, and Yang yangjicun Wei JI police issued a notice, from July 2 to July 6, yangjicun stop the removal of Tin, security net, Windows and doors.

in recent days, due to the imminent demolition, some villagers return to the removal of the original housing its own security network, doors and Windows, Tin House, and exotic miscellaneous personnel in troubled waters. Stone, sparks flying all over, also affect the safety of the villagers in the past. Yesterday, the calm in the village, no one remove Windows and doors, anti-theft network, nor do they collected to access.

Yang JI, yangjicun and the police jointly issued a circular, from July 2 to July 6, violation notices removal of Tin, security net, Windows and doors, Cun Wei confiscated demolition tools and items, and violation notices personnel back to police and Dr Kei police room.

continue to be active in the village, telecommunications company worker who is time off cable, huaxing amusement game centres are still stick to business. Shop Lee said: "the bosses went to the House, games waiting for the moving company to move."

yesterday, not removed because of not renovated houses the yangjicun old people finally get the keys. At present, more than 100 families have been received the keys to houses, have moved into temporary settlements for more than 70 families.

the jindi building in Zhongshan Road, houses are more concentrated, building some of the equipment is still not complete. Dozens of stories of the building, only one elevator running, carrying villagers to wait. "The building was supposed to be built three elevators, there is only one configuration. "Facing a chaotic situation, jindi building logistics management service director explains," we have no better solution can only sent a few more security guards to maintain order. "

"we plan to use 5 days time to move! "A village cadre introduced. Villagers eager to move, relocation of workers on site starting at, exacerbating the crowded situation. To this end, the village offers 4 to 8 free moving human to help elderly move as soon as possible.