Students help teachers move car accident 1 dead, 1 injured teachers were suspended

Beijing Huaxia Lu a school teacher with two students, help yourself move, driving a borrowed car, traffic accident while driving to the North loop, resulting in students in the car was killed and another wounded. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Court of Changping, constituted the crime of traffic casualties, Lu was sentenced to 1 year, suspended for 1 year.  

26, Luke, is Beijing Chinese school teachers before the crime was committed. On September 5 last year, because of job relocation, Lu from the Changping campus moved to Pinggu district. The same day, Luke borrowed a small passenger car, take two to help students Xiao Li and Xiao Qi, visiting the Changping campus of moving things. 5:40 P.M. around, driving a minivan away from Roh when six ring outer ring road, Changping District, the vehicle suddenly lost control after it collided with the fence side, leading to Xiao Li and Xiao Qi in the vehicle were injured. The next day, Richie died. Designated by the traffic team, Lou a bear full responsibility for the accident. It is understood that Luke borrowed a regular passenger car is not tested.  

after the incident, Lu a part with civil compensation to the families of all students reach a settlement, to pay Richie family of more than 200,000 yuan. Student Lee returns home treatment, and write a written statement, clearly it does not require compensation.  

Court Lu a trial, taking into account the voluntary confession and compensation agreement with families of the victims, as appropriate, of their punishment.