Moving conflict, employees were beaten

Move failed, not cool reconciliation between the parties, but upgraded to a physical confrontation. Yesterday morning, at Xinglong mountain village since moving South Central conflict, nearly 20 people were involved in this dispute ... ...

"in the Xinglong mountain village, moving company employee was hit by customer, drive blocking the door! "About 9:30 A.M. yesterday, members of the public, Chen called the newspaper's hotline. According to Mr Chen, causes of the incident is for both sides to move a piece of furniture in the end no agreement, both sides are prepared to terminate the employment contract, but customer has moved from the moving company then moved back to free up, was rejected by the staff, and ultimately led to a physical confrontation.

10:30, reporters rushed to the scene. In front of the building, Mr citizen King's furniture has been moved from the third floor to the first floor, on the steps in front of the building. Wang Wang and her daughter standing by and watching the furniture. The empty car parked in front of a moving company, none of the above. In front of the van, a blue Ford car blocks the way.

"Ford is our, they do not carry furniture upstairs and we can't let them go! "Wang said yesterday they were going to move to water springs a community, around six in the morning to ask the moving company for help, around 9 o'clock, for handling the piano, because companies unable to meet their demands, Mr Wang continued handling without this company, moving company also agreed to terminate the contract. But in the case of moving is not, Wang asked the movers to what had moved back up the stairs, but was rejected.

"we have moved down the furniture, they should pay part of the money, now and we free up things we don't do. We're not moving, they won't let us go, drive blocked our way, then they'll take people around us and moving hands. "The 16 Mile Creek in the police station, the moving company employee said.

the resident, who asked not to be named told reporters that once nearly 20 people confront when there, over more than 10 unidentified men movers around the middle two, afterwards, moving company employee's ear and bleeding from the nose, and the other one still has to pinch marks on the boy's neck.

at noon yesterday, the reporter went to the 16 Mile Creek, Naka police station, the two sides are to cooperate with the police investigation. Is accused of hitting residents said that more than 10 people is increased, not as workers say "hit". Police are still investigating the matter.