In the United States as "King of moving"

I am in the United States had moved eight times, called "moving King" is not much. 1988 Los Angeles, introduced friends to rent housing. Landlord is extremely smart, a family of three living master bedroom, rent two rooms to our couples room, single tenant. Later development to even the dining room take a shop let to a youth, rented car to a middle-aged man. We lived in Shanghai until detached villa, have never lived with the people, taste is really difficult to bear, so that two or three months we "flee".

second is a relative and a mother and son who shared apartments, two-bedroom private toilets, living room combined with the dining room, excellent condition is very comfortable. But the disadvantage is that the son's girlfriend every night, very bold and romantic, like sitting on the man's lap, often show scenes of flowery show, we can only view of eye, nose, nose, and hid in her room not cordoned off a half step.  

three times about moved into a bucket, not satisfied, the fourth managed to move into a home, Garden, backyard, flowers red and green matched before, after the fruit sweet and delicious, we lived for years, very satisfied. 1992 son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren came, they bought a House, we moved into a new house with them, this is the fifth move, upstairs and downstairs was very happy, three generations of grandmothers life harmonious.  

so for more than 10 years, grandson grew up in College, students, they are downstairs, we went upstairs, so disturbed young man, they went upstairs we go downstairs, let them have a free world. Our friends, inconvenience in the evening they come under considerations, we secretly decided to find rental apartments for the elderly, in 2006 for the sixth move.  

but this sixth move to maintain the shortest, just three months, only because friends for information, near the newly built apartments for the elderly, low rent and low, new House just built, we can resist, quickly went to register, good luck catching the last opportunity, this is the seventh time we move.  

2008 is eighth times moved, six years Qian registration of a is new cover of elderly apartments, has been thereafter there was no, already forget to cloud nine, day suddenly received phone learned that row to has, this is we most ideal of to, because lots good (away from I son residence near), and environment good (opposite has big Park), and locations good (hospital on in across article road), and shopping good (near has China supermarket and the Shopping Mall), and View good (is located in half hillside, by live three floor, station in balcony Shang By day overlooking the mountains as far as the blue sky, night lights School of beauty). You say you have five good, what else can be picky? Apart from anything else, immediately moved.  

thank the United States Government that care for the elderly, let us in this beautiful and fertile land, the freedom of moving eight times, the basic necessities, "" the most important thing, though each move tired, but was finally able to move into the satisfaction of residences for the elderly, all of hard work was worthwhile. Of course, we don't want to toss, frankly old eight, moved also moved no more.