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company has various types of 28 vehicles (set), the existing staff of more than 60 senior technical staff of more than 10, all practitioners are trained and qualified certificates. After nearly 10 years of development, the company has gathered a group of excellent professional lifting handling personnel, for all kinds of large-scale precision equipment high difficulty hoisting transport, handling is in place has a wealth of experience. Specializes in providing large precision machinery and equipment transport lifting handle in place, large factories move bulky cargo transportation, super high and wide machinery and equipment transport, special cabinets in special containers FROT ultra-high frame Cabinet flat panel Cabinet ultra high top trailer transport services.

founded more than 10 years, relying on technology, operational safety, strict management, quality service and strong partners, adhering to the "innovative and trustworthy, robust and Yes, bocaiguang, forge ahead," business philosophy, deepening internal reform, transforming the operating mechanism, strengthen science and technology enterprises, reinforce the Foundation management, bringing the enterprise comprehensive strength to the industry forefront.